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Fragolino Rosso Moscato d'Asti 2004 Kommenter denne vinsmagning

Italien Andre

Mousserende bedømt den: 01-05-2005

Rød, lys, kunstig farve.
Tyggegummi / Jordbær bouquet.

Tynd og alt for sød smag.

Rasmus Mathiesen 63
Henrik Ehlers 71
Gennemsnit 67

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Skrevet af: M8UoOj3l2f |
I'd say Arto is spot on with his insight. The comnusers are not an uniform monolith which can be courted. There are about 2.5 to 3 billion people connected to the Internet. You can't please them all and you shouldn't even try. Instead you need to be someone who is relevant to others who relate to your tastes and preference: out of billions of people, you can carve out your own audience, which can still be counted in millions regardless if your thing would be considered marginal or even outlandish in comparison to the more approachable character.I say, you cannot bow down to one direction without mooning the other and if you stay upright you don't court anyone thus becoming a generalist bore incapable of taking a stance. While bowing to all directions will also be inevitably also be mooning to all directions, alienating you from the followers who look for authenticity and insight they can relate to.This I think is the essence of Arto's argument: Be someone who is relevant to particular audience if you intend to stay in the business. The time of a generalist who doesn't offend anyone has been made obsolete by the Internet.

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